Sesame Place during the Summer

Up until this last visit we have enjoyed Sesame place during the early Spring and Winter Holiday seasons, this was our first visit during the Summer and after the most recent updates to the water attractions. We were excited to check out the various splash pads and water rides during their 43rd Birthday event.

While we were hosted for this visit, I highly recommend purchasing a Season Pass if you plan to visit more than once, if not they run various deals on day tickets throughout the year, The Season Pass holders (depending on the level) get free parking, discounts on in-park purchases, early access times, bring a friend tickets and lots more perks! It is worth it for the parking alone which varies by day and typically starts at $30 for general parking (preferred is also available for purchase). 

Sesame Place is located in Langhorne, PA which is also just near the Oxford Valley Mall and restaurants making it easy to make a day of your trip out if you are traveling in. 

During the Summer, the lines can be long and who wants to wait with the sun beating down on a potentially crowded day? Magic Queue bands are a must and will make your visit that much more enjoyable. The pricing varies by day, but it will allow everyone with an Abby's Magic Queue Band to wait in little to no lines giving you more time to catch a show, grab a snack, play some games or catch the parade on time!

Let's talk water attractions! My favorite spot has to be Count's court. With a little one learning how to swim, this space was great offering a variety of ways to play in shallow water. They had age appropriate slides, water guns, buckets that dumped water on you and lots more play. You can bring a coast guard approved swim safety attire or borrow a life vest at the park. 

Big Bird's Beach, shown here, offers a large wading area for younger and older kids to cool off on the hot summer days and just next door is the splash pad area for younger kids like toddlers. Chairs are first come first serve, but you can rent cabanas in Count's Counsel, Big Bird's Beach and Island Cabanas. There were even more water attractions that we did not get to, make sure to download the app to not miss anything!

A friend suggested water shoes and they were perfect! Some of  the areas had a more rough texture to the ground and the water shoes really helped us enjoy the many attractions and dried as we walked, they are not required, but I also recommend.  

Lockers are an amenity offered, you can rent them for the day. I chose to bring a back pack and was able to hold everything we needed, but if you have a lot to carry, these definitely come in handy. 

I highly recommend Sesame Place for a family-friendly fun day out because it has something for everyone in your family! They have indoor and outdoor shows, dining events, you can ride on most if not all rides with your children, you can eat outside or inside the park, shop souvenirs, catch the daily parade, not to mention character meet & greets plus they hold season events throughout the year! 

Get you tickets today, here


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